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Jiji.ng has proven that they are indeed top notch when it comes to best prices, with a large collection of both new and old items spread all around the 36 states of Nigeria. This means that no matter where you are the right deal is waiting for you. Satisfaction and convenience are what you experience with the Jiji.ng mobile app; you can easily shop for your items from wherever you may be at a cheap price. Buying cheap is one of the selling points of Jiji.ng and thus has made it stand tall amongst its competitors. Some of the items you can buy and sell on jiji.ng include vehicles, mobile phones/tablets, electronics, fashion items, real estate, babies and kid items, even job offers and many more. Jiji.ng Mobile application has over 500,000 ads for you to choose from, so be sure to find your needs! Sellers on Jiji.ng can post free ads of the goods they wish to sell (new or old goods) with pictures, update their ads and get replies from “real” people who live very close to them (based on location) while buyers can buy anything, by contacting sellers and probably writing a review on their experience with the seller when a deal has been closed successfully.

Jiji's Website: http://jiji.ng

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The basic idea of Jiji.ng is to create an avenue where Nigerians can transact their businesses online with ease and on the go! Everyone can use Jiji.ng as it has all the 36 states of Nigeria covered. So when you sign up, either through your Facebook account or through your email, you will be required to provide your location so that you will be able to see ads from your region.

Once a user who intends buying an item finds a desired product or service, he can either call or send an email to seller (the seller will provide these details on his/her profile) and they can now negotiate and agree on a price. If both parties agree to a deal, they can now meet at a location of their choice for the deal conclusion.

Jiji.ng has put in place measures to make sure the purpose and aim of Jiji.ng is not jeopardized by scammers and fraudsters as you can report a seller you suspect of spamming or defrauding buyers. Jiji.ng can then take actions (like banning the user forever) on such users. For the records, Jiji.ng blocked over 20,000 users in 2015 for violation of their rules. The uniqueness of Jiji.ng is in their method of fighting with scammers as it endeavours to give an opportunity to buy and sell only with honest and real people. However, you can find trust worthy sellers by going through their profiles and there you will see the number of reviews and credibility of the seller. Jiji.ng has been proven to be real as thousands of people have concluded successful transactions and deals.

Unlike other online stores and shopping malls, buying the necessary goods on the website is much easier. It offers the following advantages:

  • Huge base of products. Today, the number is several million units. The range is constantly updated- an average of five ads is added every minute. So a wide spectrum of products is displayed for you to choose from.
  • Buy online. To see the range requires only a computer. The site is available and from smartphones. You can easily buy the goods. The site has more than 160 thousand ads. All products are located in their category. You just need to go to the section and start browsing products. Or clearly specify model. This way, you will faster find a lot that you need. Once you have decided what you want to buy, you go in the ad itself, read the description and contact the seller
  • Free services. For product placement no fee is charged. You only need to interact with your seller.
  • Ability to obtain a discount. The price is not fixed. The seller can bargain. Bargaining every deal will help you save 10 to 50 percent. High competition forces sellers cut price;
  • Payment at the meeting. The goods are paid for only when the seller and the buyer meets in flesh and blood. Thus, it is possible to be sure that the product is serviceable, and has a presentable appearance before you make payment.
  • How to choose the goods

    The first thing to do is to choose the category. A lot of search filters helps make it convenient. For example, to specify what product you need – brand new or fairly used. To specify color, function, weight, and price. Jiji.ng has representation on the social network, Facebook. You should subscribe to it and always be up to date with the latest news and products.

    Conclusively, Jiji.ng is one of the fast-growing free online classifieds in Nigeria with advanced security system. It provides a simple hassle-free solution to transact business on any product.

    Sellers are allowed to:

  • Place free Ads with images;
  • Update, move their ads to top position to get utmost attention from potential buyers;
  • Receive contacts only from registered user, because every user to required to be registered.
  • Buyer can also:

  • Purchase any product by simply contacting the Seller directly and subsequently closing a deal with the seller;
  • Post their experience with the seller and may also lodge their complaints about any ad or seller, and Jiji.ng will check the Seller instantly.
  • Shop Online Now, Get the Product in a Few Days.

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