Nigeria is easily the economic power house of Africa. The country's estimated population is 180 million (2015 estimate) and this makes it Africa's most populous country and number seven in the world. Nigeria has the largest economy in Africa and the numbers are quite impressive. Nominal GDP stands at USD $500 billion while purchasing power parity is $1 trillion. This makes Nigeria an important business destination for many international investors. Clearly, big things are happening in the Nigerian business environment and online shopping in Nigeria is not left out of the boom.

Growth of online shopping in Nigeria
Nigeria can be considered a latecomer to online shopping but this is because the country received mobile telephone service and the internet relatively late. However, in typical Nigerian fashion, the enterprising citizens of this country appear to be making up for lost time. Today, Nigeria has 97 million internet users and 12% of the country's citizens have access to broadband internet.

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This development has led to a corresponding increase in online shopping. More and more Nigerians are feeling comfortable and beginning to shop online. Below are some of the most popular online shopping platforms in Nigeria.

Online Shopping Nigeria Stores
This company is easily the biggest online shopping outfit in Nigeria. According to Philips Consulting, 38% of Nigeria's online shoppers prefer This company attracts 377,000 visitors daily and has secured over ₦8 billion in funding since it was launched in 2012.
This site is the 8th most visited website in Nigeria and this is an indication of the popularity of this online shopping company. operates a pay on delivery service. You can pay cash or pay with your prepaid debit card. In addition, offers the KongaPay option. This is a reliable and convenient payment option and many customers are happy with this innovative solution. According to Philips consulting, 25% of Nigerian online shoppers patronize offers seasonal discounts and many customers look forward to these discounts. You can get goods at half price if you take advantage of these regular discounts. is more than a shopping website. Apart from offering products and services for sale, it also recommends the best daily deals in Nigeria. These deals include the best things to do, eat or buy on a given day. About 15% of all Nigerian shoppers prefer DealDey and this company has come a long way since it was established in March 2011.
This company is one of the top online retailers in Nigeria. is the best online source for computers, phones and other electronic gadgets. This company has offline stores in many parts of Nigeria so this makes it easy for them to deliver goods to customers with minimum delay. Customers in Abuja and Lagos get free delivery service and some customers can get credit facilities.
This company is very popular because it is just perfect for people who want to buy and sell practically anything in Nigeria. It is a simple and user-friendly site so many people find it easy to use. owes a huge part of its popularity to regular adverts on DSTV. Millions of Nigerians love this site because it delivers on its promises.
This is another great site for original electronics products. In fact, Fouani is one of the major distributors of LG products in Nigeria. This company has been in business since 2011 and has been growing in leaps and bounds. Fouani delivers its products easily in different parts of Nigeria because they have showrooms in most states in the country.

Online Shopping in Nigeria: The International Dimension
There are many reputable online shopping firms in Nigeria and the list above is by no means exhaustive. However, online shopping in Nigeria (the giant of Africa) is not always a local affair. Nigerians can shop online too. This is because Nigerians can use special prepaid debit cards to pay for online purchases outside Nigeria. Some of the most popular payment options for Nigerians who want to buy products from international shopping sites are the prepaid VISA and MasterCards, GTPay (powered by GT Bank), Remita, UBA U-Collect and Zenith Bank's GlobalPay. Note that these payment options are not automatically available to all account holders. In most cases, these options have to be activated by downloading the relevant software or by purchasing a token from the bank that offers the service.

Challenges for Nigerian Online Shoppers
Some international shopping websites are not available to residents of Nigeria. For instance both and have restrictions that make it difficult (if not impossible) for Nigerians to buy goods from these sites. In addition, only offers limited service to Nigerians. These are serious challenges but the good news is that Nigerians can buy products from, and other reputable international shopping websites. In any case, Nigerians are not sitting around waiting endlessly for Ebay and Amazon to lift restrictions on Nigerian online shoppers. There are many international shopping websites that are happy to admit Nigerians shoppers. Besides, Nigerian online shopping firms are doing brisk business all over the country.

Online shopping in Nigeria is alive and well. Many locals firms in the country offer excellent service and Nigerian banks provide great payment options. With time, online shopping in Nigeria will grow even bigger and this is good news for the country's economy.

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